Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art and science of conveying specific messages or concepts topeople in a visually cohesive way. Graphic designers are creative problem solvers, and as such, their first task is to research and understand the exact requirements of each project before any of the creative work starts.

The main building blocks of graphic design are typography, colour theory and visual composition. In addition to these visual skills, graphic designers are also expected to have advanced computer skills as well as a solid understanding of the printing process. This knowledge comes from both training and experience, and this is why working with seasoned graphic designers can really add value.

Examples of graphic design projects we handle include: Corporate identity and branding, info graphics, presentation graphics, stationery design, publication design, brochures, tradeshow graphics, packaging, posters, CD design.

Creating Clarity and Personality
The primary task of a graphic designer is to cut through the clutter and find a concise and elegant way to convey a message or emotion. A brand’s personality is revealed as soon as someone interacts with it. First impressions are lasting impressions. Consistency and attention to details are the key factors that make for successful graphic design.

Great graphic design strikes a balance between perception and reality and identifying the areas in which they overlap. A strong brand will always reveal its true essence.