Social Media Management

Team up with a company that understands the importance of keeping the “social” in social media, keeping it relevant for your target audience.
Bymedia helps you connect with your prospects in the places where they gather online.

While the initial cost of entry might be low, time and resources can easily be wasted if there is no effective strategy in place. We will help you identify the key areas of focus and help implement a plan that works for you.

Online reputation management
What is the online community saying about your brand? It’s becoming more and more crucial to keep tabs on this and to engage in that conversation. The web has the power to multiply and amplify the news, be it good or bad. Negative comments that are not heard or responded to often have a negative impact on your brand. Luckily this type of thing can be managed and sometimes turned into a powerful opportunity to reinforce the brand messages you want people to remember.

Facebook and Twitter Linked in set up
Anyone can set up their own social media accounts, but when it comes to having a distinctive look that matches the rest of your branding, it pays to have the job handled professionally.

Ongoing Maintenance
There’s much more to having a successful social media campaign than meets the eye. It’s like tending a garden you must encourage growth but also maintain it properly.